phantom-of-the-ozian-barricade: So I sort of just looked through your whole blog because I just stumbled across this AU today and I absolutely love it. I saw a post that was like what do you think Grantaire does in his spare time? (Plus a bunch of other stuff that I don't remember) but in my modern AU headcanon of Grantaire, I always think of him as an artist. So yeah. He definitely draws/paints in his free time. Maybe drawings for like magical being equality posters? Artist Grantaire. That is all I need to say about this.

First of all thank you, we are on hiatus for now because of holiday and personal problems but hopefully we’ll be able to work on the AU again at some point….

And yes, you are absolutely right ! R being canonically an artist is great and I think it’s a really cool thing to keep in a modern au. And, of course, him being an activist artist in the MBverse seems to be unevitable ! We hadn’t thought about posters, but we planned to introduce him in the story as a mural painter/graffiti artist, using magic and his artistic skills to promote his cause and also communicate with fellow magic creatures.

Have you ever heard of the 1950s hobos’ symbol communication ? I believe they used to leave chalk symbols on the walls to communicate with the next one who’ll come to either warn them again a danger, indicate a safer path or tip them in a helpful direction. Well, we thought of magic symbols, probably shining in the dark on the walls of the city, that R would paint to alert magical creatures.

(He probably also have a sketchbook he draws enjolras people in aha)

Anyways thanks for the support, I hope we will be back !



The fire came with passion. It would consume her hands and sometimes her hair, burning anything it came in contact with other than her own skin.

Courfeyrac from the Moonlight Beneath AU by the lovely cy-lindric and lesroisdumonde


Enjolras’ family has spent decades covering a dark secret. There is elf blood in the family line…

Enjolras from leroisdumonde and cy-lindric’s amazing moonlightbeneath verse.


Marius Pontmercy is human and grew up in the city of Paris with his Grandfather sheltered from most of the world. His knowledge of the magic community was limited to what he saw on television and had heard from his grandfather. Magic was dead. Magic is bad. So when the large colorful stone from his father that had been sitting on his self as a bookend hatched and Marius was suddenly bound to a dragon, he flopped  on his bed in despair only to have the baby dragon crawl on top of him and curl up. Having a dragon, a creature everyone had long since assumed was extinct, turned the poor boy’s life around. Hiding a dragon from his grandfather and the rest of the world was near impossible. Marius had no idea what a dragon would eat or what to do about his growing level burns and scratches. In an effort to learn anything he could he started asking around in the name of research and accidently found himself in the company of some darker members of the Underground. Asking too many questions about mythos means attention from curious mages like Combeferre and the black market. Montparnasse takes a special interest in the dragon and its human. Its Courfeyrac that steps in and is the first person to just offer Marius a place to go that is safe for both him and a firebreathing young dragon. And its Courfeyrac that makes sure to keep the boy and his dragon safe from the black market. Its also Courfeyrac, much to Marius’ dismay, who finds out that the baby dragon on coffee puffs smoke that smells like hazelnut and stumbles around the apartment as if tipsy. Falling in with the Underground is terrifying and Marius has no idea the proper etiquette to move in such circles. He also has no idea how to deal with the police brutality that comes with being on the wrong side of town. Its in the middles of a raid on a party on the banks of the Seine where someone had reported a charm sale that he meets Cosette.”

Marius cosplay from moonlightbeneath, inspired by a) the amazing au and b) everyone else’s awesome cosplays. I didn’t have a dragon, so I used my cat.


I stumbled upon a Les Misérables AU called Moonlight Beneath; Long story short, I fell in love with Cosette’s character design so I decided to draw it. 

(It’s super sloppy, I know. I got lazy halfway through. Click the picture for progress.)

Anonymous: okay but what about Montparnasse being a vampire? I don't know it seems appropriate to me. He lives in the dark, he steals and kills without regret, he's charming and terrifying at the same time. I just can see his red eyes shining in a dark alley at night and his fangs creepily sliding out when he smiles. Okay sorry this is useless I just love this au so much you are genius

We already have a plan for Mont but I am very glad you are excited for him! 

Anonymous: This might be a really silly question, but is there a story attached to Moonlight Beneath? Like I love all the art (and everyone doing cosplay!!!) and all the backstories and everything, but is there a story--preferably a long one :)--that goes with it? I would love to read it! (And if it does exist, kindly point me in its direction please)

There is not a story yet

gingerjehan: this au totally keeps me alive and i just kind of want to cosplay all of the characters oh my gah, and the mods are both total babes, and the art <3 /makes noises

Thank you! We just hope that we can entertain people

Golem-making is hard work!

Feuilly from leroisdumonde and cy-lindric’s glorious Moonlight Beneath verse


decided to cosplay Courfreyac from Moonlight Beneath!

This was fun to do!


Enjolras’ family has spent decades covering a dark secret. There is elf blood in the family line and in order to keep their social status as while as their lives, the Enjolras family has spent generations dealing with the black market and doing all within their power to keep the dirty blood a secret. Enjolras himself got luck. His only elven traits are his graceful height, clear skin, and eyes that are an unnatural and stunning gold. The governments constant persecution of magic has never sat well with the young man so when the time came to go to university Enjolras fled. He found himself in the slums of Paris, the part of the city where old iron rails met graffitied walls and people worked three jobs just to pay rent and pay the black market for charms. To say Enjolras found an underground group of magical support would almost be too literal as he stumbled one night down a twisting alley and down further into a hidden club where the air was alive and crackling with a tension Enjolras had only had a taste of in dreams. It was closest thing to a fairy court the modern era would ever see and it captivated the half blood and it would not be long until he had gathered his own following. The old seerers notice it first. Something is coming. Then those that read the stars begin to pick up on it because the Underground is changing, something is shifting and there is a battle on the horizon. No one can predict the outcome but there is a revolution on the rise.

Tada! One Enjolras cosplay. I know it barely looks different from earlier but I went the simple route with makeup. (Red, gold, and gray eyeshadow) I’m actually really proud of this and if I can figure out how to do this for Halloween at my school or something I will. Maybe even senior night for football since it’s on Halloween this year…

Concept not mine. Thank you lesroisdumonde and cy-lindric for this amazing story. :)


Jehan from Moonlight Beneath 

Jordyn’s cosplay inspired me ahh


Jehan Prouvaire is probably closer to pure fairy blood than they actually know. They have a dark side a mile wide and catch them on the dance floor and you will be trapped until they let you leave. The fae community has built up a new culture and a new form of court, a club hidden from most mortals by fairy glamor. The music has traces of the ancient addictive melodies of the fairy folk but now it is mixed with modern beats and the club is open to almost anyone that is not fully human. Its Jehan’s territory.

Jehan from Moonlight Beneath


Cosette of the Moonlight Beneath verse.

Anonymous: oh mygosh I'm sO PSYCHED about musichetta's thing!!! I was hoping she would be next and I really like her concept it's super cool. I was trying to think what she would be and I couldn't think of anything that I felt would fit, but I hadn't even considered this and it is perfect! actually, I really like all of them, and the art is fantastic, but I was mostly fangirling over Musichetta just bc she was the most recent. so yeah, basically these are awesome and I love them a lot :D

Thanks for all the support, we are very happy Musichetta is getting so much love because she’s a character we were particularly excited to release ! She was a bit of a challenge so we’re very glad you like it !