Feuilly: When Prague was at the height of its power, it was considered the underground magical epicenter of the world. Now, the city attracts both human and magical tourists, the former traveling for the city’s rich history and the latter seeking a place where the past meets the present and magic seems alive. It was in 16th century Prague the last large scale magical event happened, when Judah Loew ben Bzalel created a golem to defend the Prague ghetto from anti-semitic attacks.

Prague would not see another golem for centuries. It would take a special set of circumstances and dangerous experimentation from a secret resistance to rebuild the Jewish community’s knowledge of how to form a golem. Feuilly would become involved in this magic society entirely by accident. The child was left orphaned at age three and placed in the care of his rather grumpy great uncle, his last surviving relative living in Prague’s Jewish community. Growing up with his great uncle and the community elders meant Feuilly had a strange and secret education that covered the history of his people and specifically their magical legacy. Despite all of the magical knowledge the elders gathered over the years, none had managed to achieve anything significant, yet none possessed the talent for magic like Feuilly.

Along with his real name, Feuilly keeps the events that forced him to seek refuge in Paris secret. All anyone seems to know about him is that he is a hard worker, a model employee, and that his papers seem to check out. What they don’t know is that this unassuming young man was the first in centuries to create a golem. While his creations are still small and secretive in his small apartment, he is learning.


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